Consulting & Design

We are consultants, not just programmers; which is why we support our customers, right from the early stages of their new project, or when redesigning their existing software and systems. For new services and product developments, our consulting teams will analyze your requirements and design specifications in tune with your functional needs. Project execution is based on a lean startup process, to help manage risks and shorten the development cycle. This includes user stories, product backlogs, Minimum Viable Project (MVP), efficient UX and impressive UI. For existing services, our software consultants assess your legacy systems with a 360-degree view, and make recommendations for improvements in architecture, functionality and performance.

Software Architecture

We believe software architecture should be the accelerator, not a brake, for your projects. We design scalable systems without useless, big, upfront designs. We document only what is essential for delivering business value.
Being pragmatic and an expert in Java-based technologies, we recommend the most efficient Java Enterprise solutions such as portals, e-commerce, CRM, ESB or MDM packages. We prioritize reusing off-the-shelf packages rather than designing custom code, for sound management of risks, and speeding up the design process.

Cloud & Big Data

Give us your business requirements and we will provide you with top-of-the-line infrastructure solutions with a mix of bare-metal, virtual, private and public cloud solutions. This robust architecture will ensure the collection and transfer of large volumes of data across Big Data warehouses, and reuse the right information in the right application.
Since 2012, Ippon has had its own data center which delivers the Ippon Hosting service. This PaaS offers software developers the benefits of a multi-feature technical environment, ready to use, and just a few clicks away. Boost your efficiency through user-friendly hosting designed with Java in mind. Learn more about Ippon Hosting.
Ippon is also leveraging its knowledge of big data to help clients understand the technology of decentralization and how to apply it in their industries. Some of the leading areas we explore for clients right now involve blockchain and cryptocurrencies, IoT and mesh networks, and applying our deep expertise in Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens for ICOs. Ippon can help to develop and manage your smart contracts for deployment on the blockchain.

Agile Delivery Center

In project delivery, “agility” is another name for “efficiency." Agility capitalizes on two components that are key success factors for your projects. First is our state-of-the-art software delivery center that reinvents the traditional approach to software development, by empowering people and making the customer part of our design and delivery processes. Second, we focus on agile management of projects to efficiently control the design, build, and test activities throughout software development.
All our engineers are Scrum-trained and highly experienced. Our deliverables are submitted in stages to ensure consistent input from the customers, and to align with their goals

Why is Ippon your best option?

Trust in delivery
Our results are tried, tested and proved, and our engagement is based on deliverables. Just ask us for examples.
We are market veterans and industry practitioners with noteworthy track records. Our people have firsthand industry experience, and bring impressive skill sets to the table. Our work is backed with proven methodologies, and our experience also allows us to understand and fit into any organizational culture.
Fast time to market
We capitalize on our prior experiences and best practices to help shorten project timescales and meet budgetary targets.
Unbiased and independent
We are an independent organization, and we provide unbiased advice and options when supporting your IT requirements.
Cost effective
We operate under fair margins and there are no hidden costs.
  • Our people have hands-on technical and programming skills in emerging technologies, such as Web 2.0, SaaS and Cloud. 95%
  • All our consultants have an engineering or computer science background, and a wealth of hands-on experience.100%
  • We use the Agile methodology and are familiar with Test-Driven Development85%
  • Our consultants will treat your project like their very own, and will recommend solutions in keeping with your requirements and best interests. 90%