How Ippon Provides Top-Notch Service Delivery with the Best Engineers

How the Great Company Culture of Ippon Drives Top-Notch Service Delivery

Our Engineers are our Brand
We define our brand by delivering elegant solutions to complex problems and by providing great service. In our industry, great service starts with great engineers. That's why at the heart of Ippon you will find a solid engineering culture of learning, engagement with the tech community and mentoring.

Great engineers have many driving motivators.   Excellent engineers demand more than a paycheck.  They want to work with future-looking, modern technologies.  They want to work on high-profile projects with a high degree of visibility.  They want a culture of learning.  They want interesting challenges every day.  They want to be involved in the local tech community.  They want to attend conferences, meetups and other live events. Also, they want to have fun.

Attracting great engineers is the top challenge for many technology companies and is essential to our company mission.

The Secret Sauce (Caution: It's Hot)

(It's illegal in nine countries and it contains bits of real panther, so you know it's good.)
At Ippon we strive to provide an environment of engagement, learning and fun.

We provide very ample opportunities for continued learning through hosting, speaking at and attending meetups. We have internal Coding Dojos where we get a chance to learn new things as a team. We are very active in speaking at and attending technology conferences.

We sponsor programs with local universities to help facilitate senior design projects and we help mentor at Hackathons.

We heavily support open source software. We have many senior engineers dedicated to supporting our open source projects.
  • Culture of Learning
  • Involvement with the Tech Community at Large
  • Diversity, with shared values
  • Big Company of experts, small teams of friends
  • Sportsmanship
  • Strong Engineering Culture
  • Open-Source Involvement

Culture of Learning

Thought leadership, public speaking, mentoring and training

Speakers at the RVA Java Users Group

In addition to having an active speaking role at the RJUG, we also have a large Ippon presence attending every meetup and hold the positions of President and Social Chair to facilitate networking.

Technology is always changing and advancing. To stay at the top of your game you need to constantly be learning new things. While regularly reading articles and publications is absolutely essential, some of the most valuable learning happens face-to-face at Meetups and Conferences.

Being heavily involved in the local tech culture and larger gatherings and conferences is paramount. The active interchange of ideas and concepts that occur when you get groups of really smart technology professionals together give you a true pulse of the direction and trends of Software Engineering, Big Data, DevOps and other major subject matters.

Face-to-face interactions and live speakers give you true insight into the value and future direction of upcoming advancements.

Networking at these events is also invaluable. You meet lots of great engineers with an active spirit of learning at live events. Everyone who attends these live events is encouraged to make meaningful connections with other members of the tech community.

JavaOne Day One Round Up

A series of articles covering technical and cultural topics regarding JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Check out JavaOne 2015!
At Ippon many of our engineers have decades of professional experience. However, because we value diversity, we like to bring in younger engineers straight out of university to inject fresh, new ideas and enthusiasm into our engineering culture.

We believe it is of utmost importance to help encourage and mentor university students to help them meet their potential. To this end, we stay engaged with local universities though facilitating and sponsoring senior design projects, mentoring at Hackathons and participating in career fairs.

We love to expose university students to open-source projects using real-world enterprise scale technologies. We love to help students learn professional and engineering skills that will provide them a high level of value when they join the workforce.
Student Mentoring Participation
  • Ramhacks Hackathon at VCU
  • VCU Senior Design Project
  • VCU Careeer Fair

VCU and Ippon released Tatami 4.0

VCU Senior Design Project Sponsored by Ippon USA

About the Project
One of the first challenges students face while at a Hackathon is "How do we build this?" There is such a dizzying array of languages, frameworks and platforms out there that is can be tough to know where to even get started.

We like to suggest one of our open-source projects, jHipster to help get students started. jHipster helps you stand up a fully-functional, modern, responsive web application. It helps students get past the boilerplate and configuration and let's them immediately get started on solving the problem at hand. It also lays out established development patterns for them to follow to help them write good, clean code.

JHipster: Streamlining the Hackathon Experience

Mentoring at VCU RamHacks

How jHipster Helps
How we helped at RamHacks 2015
  • Helped troubleshoot issues
  • Assisted with high-level design
  • Provided training with jHipster
We also like to engage with the tech community over social media and attempt to foster an interest in helping and mentoring students from local universities.

Below you can see some of our work with local VCU students.

Our Rock-Solid Engineering Culture

How we develop, engage and retain the best engineers
What do we mean when we say "Engineering Culture"? What an engineering culture means to Ippon is fostering an environment that is conducive to developing and engaging our engineers. We want our engineers to be happy, to be presented with meaningful challenges, to feel valued and to always be learning.

While we heavily encourage our engineers to be very active in the tech community, sometimes it is fun to learn internally as a group. This is why we created the concept of "Coding Dojos".

First Coding Dojo for Ippon USA

We learned about AngularJS, Cassandra, APIs, and the ELK stack.

Learn about Coding Dojos
What Are Coding Dojos?
  • A team-building and bonding experience for the group
  • A teaching and mentoring opportunity
  • A chance to learn some new things together as a team

In addition to our core Java stack competencies we also have a lot of in-house talent for big data. Many of our engineers are Data Scientists/Software Engineers and specialize in big data analysis techniques and tools such as Apache Spark. We are very involved in the data science community and speak and present at many events.
Actively learning and writing about Data Science is essential since it is such a rapidly evolving field. We intend to be very involved in thought leadership helping to guide the direction of Data Science techniques and applications.

Spark & Kafka – Achieving zero data-loss

Connect to Kafka using Spark’s Direct Stream approach and store offsets back to ZooKeeper (code provided below) – Don’t use Spark Checkpoints.

Learn more about Spark
We also like to have coding dojos dedicated to Data Science! In this dojo, we took a hands on approach with using Apache Spark with a live data set to gather various insights from the data.

Health and Wellness
  • We perform in athletic events as a team
  • We hold yoga sessions at our home office
  • We encourage wellness and fitness

A Team that Plays Together Stays Together
  • We are a close-knit team of friends
  • We work and play hard
  • We have a lot of fun together

Open Source Involvement

How we contribute to Open Source
JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + AngularJS project.

It helps you generate a complete and modern Web app, unifying, a high-performance Java stack on the server side with Spring Boot with a sleek, modern, mobile-first front-end with AngularJS and Bootstrap.

It is a new powerful workflow to build your application with Yeoman, Bower, Grunt and Maven.

Thousands of developers download jHipster every month to try it and the tool gets plenty of praise from the media so why don't you check it out the next time you have to spin up a new web app!

jHipster Open Source Project

An Open Source application generator for creating Spring Boot + AngularJS projects in seconds!

Learn about jHipster
What is jHipster?
  • It will create a Spring Boot/AngularJS modern, responsive web application for you
  • It's very popular and has an active community
  • It has been featured in online magazines such as InfoQ, Infoworld and The SD Times
  • It's been presented in technical conferences all over the world - Paris, London, Montreal, Omaha, Taipei, Richmond, Frankfurt

Github Stars

Favorited over 4100 times on Github.

So we like to practice what we preach here at Ippon. Since we are so heavily involved in the jHipster open-source project we like to highlight what is possible with the platform. That is why we built Tatami

Tatami is a Open-source micro-blogging social media platform designed to enhance corporate communications. Tatami give you a new, smart communication channel across your organization, where employees share information, questions, ideas and best practices.

Tatami is fully open-source, so you can customize it however you please and deploy it on your own infrastructure stack.
What is Tatami
  • An Open Source enterprise social network
  • Built with jHipster
  • Easy to install and use


An Open Source enterprise social network

Learn about Tatami
So there you have it. This was just a taste of the special sauce that makes up the marvelous Ippon Engineering culture that attracts so many great engineers.

If you are a great engineer and all of this sounds amazing to you, then you should check out our careers page below! We are also interested in speaking and mentoring opportunities and potential partnerships. Please feel free to reach out to us using the contact info below if you would like to work together!
Does our vibrant culture of Engineering and Learning interest you?





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